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Broadband Internet

Enjoy wireless access to the world of information and entertainment through 7 star broadband connection, which allows you to browse, share, download and upload data on your laptop, PC or mobile phone at an incredibly high speed of upto 50mb per second. To get the most suitable package for your broadband needs call our operator now!

Digital TV

Standard Set top box offers you a choice of 400 mix channels, EPG, PVR (Personal Video Recoding) as well as NVOD.

In addition to the above, the HD Set Top Box offers 60 plus HD channels along with HD NVOD.

Our HD packages crafted with vigilant customer review is sure to take your entertainment needs to another level


Revolutionizing the home entertainment experience, we bring to you, Standard Set Top Box and HD set top box.


7Star Digital TV v/s DTH

7Star Digital TV

  • Prompt service once a complaint is registered so quick service.
  • Fixed price of membership which turns out to be less expensive
  • Transmission is unaffected throughout the year irrespective of the weather conditions
  • Direct interaction with cable operator
  • Can offer upto 1000 channels
  • Payments can be made according to convenience

DTH Service

  • Service can take from 1 to 7 days after registering complaint
  • Flexible membership options which turns out more expensive
  • Frequent malfunction during rainy season and shutting down of transmission
  • Have to connect with customer care
  • Limited number of channels
  • Service shuts down in case of late payments


Stay connected with the world, enjoy high-speed Internet connection within the palm of your hand.


Quality of Service

Our 20 years of experience enables us to understand the demand of customers and be able to reach their needs. It is the quality our service that dictates our survival in the market.

Premium Technology

In a fast growing nation like ours, we ought to stay in sync with the latest technology, which can be applied to deliver nothing but the best to our customers.

Instant Support

Technical support and assistance is always made available to make sure you make the most out of our service and your need for entertainment is never compromised.